York River Study Committee

The York River Study Committee was formed in late 2015. Volunteers for the Study Committee were sought from Eliot, Kittery, South Berwick, and York through a public application process open to all communities’ residents. Town officials appointed committee members from their respective towns. The Study Committee includes voting members (individuals appointed by towns) and non-voting members (representatives of public agencies). Committee members represent a broad range of expertise and interests related to the York River watershed. The Committee hired a Study Coordinator in early 2016.

The Wells National Estuarine Research Reserve serves as fiscal agent for the York River Study Committee. Money from the National Park Service Partnership Wild & Scenic Rivers Program (about $60,000 per year for the three-year York River Study) was awarded through a Cooperative Agreement with the Wells Reserve.

York River Study Committee members:

Voting Members

  • Karen Arsenault, York
  • Stefan Claesson, Eliot
  • Jean Demetracopoulos, South Berwick
  • Cindy Donnell, York
  • Thom Kearns, York
  • Joan LeBlanc, York
  • Mike Masi, York
  • Jack Murphy, Eliot
  • Chuck Ott, York
  • Judy Spiller, Kittery (Committee Chair)
  • Beth Walter, York (active 2016-2017)

Non-voting Members

  • Paul Dest, Wells Reserve (Committee Vice Chair and Treasurer)
  • Jamie Fosburgh, National Park Service
  • Jim MacCartney, National Park Service
  • Judy Gates, Maine DOT (active 2016-2018)
  • David Gardner, Maine DOT
  • Claire Enterline, Maine Coastal Program

York River Study Coordinator: Jennifer Hunter

The York River Study Committee meets monthly on the fourth Tuesday of each month (third Tuesday in December) from 5:30-7:30 p.m. at the Grant House in York. Meetings are open to the public. For information about upcoming meetings, contact the Study Coordinator at jh.yorkriver@gmail.com.