NPS Reconnaissance Survey

A reconnaissance survey of the York River was conducted by the Northeast Region of the National Park Service in 2013 at the request of Representative Chellie Pingree, as an initial step prior to authorization of a full study. The reconnaissance survey provides a preliminary assessment of the eligibility and suitability of the York River as a candidate for a Partnership Wild and Scenic River designation according to criteria established under the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act. The survey looked at the river’s natural, cultural, historic, scenic and recreational resources, water quality, and free-flowing condition, along with existing local protections and community support for long-term river protection.

Wild and Scenic River Reconnaissance Survey of the York River, prepared by the National Park Service Northeast Region 2013

Survey Findings

Based on a preliminary analysis through this reconnaissance survey, the National Park Service (NPS) concludes that the York River appears to be a good candidate for a Wild and Scenic River Study. This conclusion is founded on preliminary evidence of free-flowing river conditions and the presence of multiple natural, cultural and recreational resources with potential to meet the Outstandingly Remarkable Value threshold as defined by the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act. There is demonstrated local and regional interest and support for a study, and existing river/watershed protection elements that would support the NPS framework for a Partnership Wild and Scenic River designation. In addition, local stakeholders have indicated an initial level of interest in developing the river management plan that would be developed as a part of the Study process, and required as a part of the designation….