Studies and Projects


The York River Study Committee identified several priorities for further study in 2017 and awarded or secured funding to complete the following projects:

Fish Species and Habitat Study, conducted by the Wells National Estuarine Research Reserve.

Historic Resources Survey of the Upper York River, conducted by Northeast Archaeology Research Center, Inc. (NEARC) and Groundroot Preservation Group, LLC. The project is funded with the National Park Service York River Study funds and grant funds awarded by the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation and the York Community Initiatives Fund of the Maine Community Foundation.

Build-out study and ordinance review, conducted by the Southern Maine Planning and Development Commission (SMPDC) and subcontractor Spatial Alternatives. This project was funded primarily by a grant from the Maine Coastal Program, with additional funding and in-kind support from the York River Study Committee and SMPDC. The project involved: (1) conducting a build-out study to examine potential impacts of development on watershed resources and (2)reviewing ordinances and making recommendations to better protect resources across the watershed area.


In 2016, the York River Study Committee compiled a bibliography of available data and reports that included information about York River watershed resources (see York River Watershed Report List, June 2016).

Report from Steedman Woods area salt marsh restoration experiments from 2012-2017 conducted by UNH researchers: Tidal Marsh Experiments and Restoration 2017

Report by The Nature Conservancy on coastal resilient sites from Maine to Virginia, including York River marshes:  Resilient Coastal Sites for Conservation

Links to select data and reports on various York River resources are included below. Information was compiled in preparation for and in follow-up to a series of topic-based meetings held by the ORV Subcommittee in 2017.