York River Stewardship Committee

The York River Stewardship Committee includes appointees from Eliot, Kittery, South Berwick, and York, plus representatives from state and federal agencies. The committee is the local partner for the nationally-designated Wild and Scenic York River and is tasked with implementing the York River Watershed Stewardship Plan. As of June 2023, all four watershed towns had appointed members to the York River Stewardship Committee. Each town has its own process to solicit applicants, conduct interviews, and make appointments to the Stewardship Committee. Current committee members are:

  • Eliot (2 voting members): David Marshall and VACANCY; alternate Stefan Claesson
  • Kittery (2 voting members): Sally Harold (treasurer) and Judy Spiller (chair); alternate Deane Rykerson
  • South Berwick (1 voting member): Karl Honkonen; alternate Philip Brekke
  • York (6 voting members): Karen Arsenault (secretary), Allan Cawrse, Joan LeBlanc (vice chair), Mary Marshall, Susie Rice, and Jim Smith; alternate Beth Cromwell
  • Agencies: Paul Dest, Wells National Estuarine Research Reserve; Jim MacCartney and Emma Lord, National Park Service 

Agency representatives and town-appointed alternates are non-voting committee members. Officers are elected for one-year terms starting July 1. 

The Wells National Estuarine Research Reserve serves as fiscal agent for the York River Stewardship Committee. 

Contract staff: Jennifer Hunter, Watershed Program Coordinator

Committee Policies, Statements, and Guidance

Conflict of Interest Policy and Disclosure Form – approved 2/27/24

York River Stewardship Committee_Bylaws – approved 8/22/23

In early 2023, the York River Study Committee created guidance documents to help with the transition to and formation of the Stewardship Committee: